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Sit up straight!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


Poor posture does not just effect your physical health, it can also wreak havoc on your mind. We discuss the more serious side to slumping, and how you can avoid it.

Are both of your feet rested firmly on the floor? is you back resting against your seat? or on reading this are you shuffling into better position? Thought so.

The way we hold ourselves and what we present to the world begins in childhood from sitting during school lessons children often use the break times to run around and break up the static position. However Sitonce we graduate to desk jobs, commuting and several hours of phone use everyday, we are at real risk of causing misalignment.

Your muscles keep your posture in alignment and require a variety of work to stay functional, balanced and healthy.

If we think of a slump posture Sunken shoulders, head low, looking downwards-the mood is rapidly affected because of reduced oxygen intake, which is imperative for good health, maintaining energy. When we slump we breath with the chest instead of deep down into the stomach.

Top tips:

At your desk: Take breaks, shoulder shrugs, shoulder circles, twists

At home: Keep the body active and doing activities you find joyful.

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