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Jahr Osteopathy clinic

Osteopath Amy Jahr



I have had osteopathic treatment with Amy Jahr for a painful shoulder. It was getting me down. I had to also get to work with training and stretching. 

Businessman Using Laptop

A skiing injury at 20 predisposed me to low back pain. 
Osteopathic treatment with Amy Jahr made the difference between laying in bed on a weekend or going skiing with my family.

Modern Dance Class

After a traumatic pregnancy and labour with my son i sough help for relaxation with osteopath Amy Jahr.  I am much stronger relaxed version  of myself after  to monthly maintenance.

Why dogs seek osteopathy

Jack Russel


We sought help for our 14 year old Jack Russel terrier who was stiff in the hips. We were recommended medicines, but with her age we wanted a natural drug free approach. She is still going strong after 3 years of treatment and is very energetic

Image by Mitchell Orr


After a crash with our labrador our 7 year old whippet Solly had a shoulder that he could not put weight on.
Our veterinarian ruled out a break and any soft tissue injury.
Upon inspection with osteopath Amy Jahr she found a twist in some in Sollys chest and ribs. Diagnosis was so quick and helped immediately.

Image by Ramiro Pianarosa


My nervous 5 year old toy poodle suddenly stopped eating and drinking, she was a sensitive little thing so this was nothing unheard of. 
After a day I started to get worried.
I took Polly to see osteopath Amy Jahr before the veterinarian incase there was any tension in her stomach. Her jaw was the problem and needed adjustment  - what a relief!


Image by Anton


I drive horses for a living. The horses are used for weddings and funerals.
One of my 5 year old geldings was moving strangely after being castrated.  

With her expert gentle hands Amy Jahr managed to find the problem was in scar tissue. He was right as rain after that.

Image by Darius Soodmand


My 10 year old ex race horse Dolly came in from the field lame.
After examination she had a problem with her pelvis. She was treated 3 times one week apart. She has been sound since, thank you Amy

Horseback Riding


Our 12 year old Lusitano mare cookie was being grumpy when saddling and bucking under saddle. She was behaving out of character, and i was getting frightened. Her back muscles were sore and she needed adjustment from osteopath Amy Jahr.
Cookie has a maintenance treatment a few times a year, this keeps her comfortable and me in the saddle!


Sleeping Cat


I have had great treatment from osteopaths over the years.
I move often with my job.
My latest move included a long plane journey.
Once we moved in one of my dear Burmese cats died of a kidney tumour.
The other cat his brother who was normally very bold, became timid and withdrawn.
Amy checked over his body and found a lot of stress and tension around his breathing muscles and diaphragm
After one treatment he was himself again very vocal and playing.

Cute Cat


I rescued 3 year old Tibby from a cat shelter. 
When I got her home she kept on frantically licking herself.
I thought It would calm down, but it didn't.
She licked nearly all of her fur out on her belly.
I was recommended Amy to check over Tibby.
Amy found there was a lot of tension in Tibbys chest and heart area.
Amy came to visit us at home and showed me massage techniques to help Tibby relax
She is now fully furry again and settled in well.

Grey Cat


I have a female cat who i took over from a neighbour.
She has always been independent and lived outside until one day she came with two kittens!
She was very thin and sleepy, I asked Amy for advice with what foods to build up her body.
The kittens have moved out now, but she is in great shape and I give her the same diet.

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