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Understanding you shoulder

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

To those of you dear souls who have a shoulder that isn't quite right, perhaps you lifted your wife whilst drunk at a party or your embarrasingly horny dog pulled you over whilst chasing a foxy female.

You have a niggle in you shoulder, you thought the pain would go over; but 6 months later putting on your coat seems uncomfortable or lifting up your grandchild is a bit iffy.

What is more puzzling is that driving the car is fine, as is painting?

The number of clients coming for treatment with a genuine confusion..what IS going on with my shoulder?

The body strives towards balance, if there is injury, tighness, poor posture, neck pain the function of the shoulder can be altered.


1. Shoulder hygiene.

We set time aside to brush our teeth.

Yet not all of us have a routine to stretch and boost vitality in the shoulders.

Simple daily exercises stimulate blood flow, cleansing fluid around the joint and stretching and strengthening of surrounding ligaments.

3 Exercises:

  1. Point to the sky and lower arms 3 times

  2. Point to the sides and lower arms 3 times

  3. Point behind you and back to the middle 3 times

Best of luck

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