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Personalised Approach

Professional Standards

Holistic care

Family orientated environment


Unique Techniques


Personalized Approach

Discover our unique variety of osteopathic techniques and integrated bodywork. Our team of experienced practitioners in Nordby, Norway, are dedicated to providing personalized treatments tailored to your specific needs.


Holistic Care

Experience holistic care that goes above and beyond. Our skilled practitioners combine their expertise to address the root cause of your health concerns, promoting overall well-being and long-lasting results.


Professional Standards

Rest assured that we adhere to national standards of excellence. Our clinic maintains the highest level of professionalism, ensuring your safety and delivering exceptional care that meets the highest industry standards.


Family-oriented Environment

Step into our welcoming and family-oriented environment. We prioritize building lasting relationships with our clients, creating a supportive space where you can feel comfortable and confident on your journey to optimal health.


Kokybiška priežiūra, kuria galite pasitikėti

Nuo 2012 metų išdidžiai rūpinamės savo klientų sveikata.

Su compassionate attentive terapeutais esate gerose rankose.

Osteopatija žmonėms:

1. Pirmoji konsultacija (30–45 min.) 

2. Tolesnė konsultacija (20-30 min.)

3. Naujagimio apžiūra (20-30 min.)

4. Vaiko 0–12 m. pirmoji konsultacija (30–45 min.)

5. Vaiko 0-12 m. konsultacija (20-30 min.)

Osteopatija arkliams:

1. Pirmoji arklio konsultacija (30-45 min.)

2. Arklio stebėjimas 20–30 min.)

3. Arklio 2–5 stebėjimas (20 30 min.)

4. Arklys ir raitelis (60 min.)

5. Polo komandoms, ristūnų/lenktynių trenerių augintojams, keturiems vairuotojams ir tiems, kurie turi 6 + žirgus arba amžiaus derinį, kolių, vienmečių, sunkaus gyvūno el. .

Osteopatija šunims

1. Pirmoji šuns konsultacija (30-45 min.)

2. Šuns stebėjimas (20–30 min.)

3. 4+ šunys, veislynas, komanda, treneris 

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