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Bitch in heat and competition season

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When i think of a bitch in heat i remember as a small child approaching a bitch i liked to play football with. She was usually bringing the ball, so i could kick it.

We spent hours running around playing and it was fun!

On this particular day however her owner said "ohhh dont touch her today, she wont be interested today she´s bit funny... you know in season".

As a child of 5 i didnt really know what this meant... in season? and didnt ask her male bricklayer owner anymore about it as number one he was repairing a wall and number two it seemed he thought it uncomfortable.

All i knew was that Molly the collie lay in the back of his van on an old dusty blanket, tail tucked tightly around her body, all sort of private and tucked into herself.

When i went to ask her to play she wagged her tail a bit as if to say hello, but it was clear she wasnt up for playing.

To have respect for a bitch in her hormonal cycle can make a difference

  • If she lives in a team whether the other animals with bother her more.

  • If approached by a stranger her response may be more unpredictable

  • If stroked by children on the back or pelvis will she growl?

  • If socialising with other dogs will she not play or join in?

  • Under competition- behavioural

  • Appetite changes

As guardians of dogs we have a responsibility to be concious of where they are in their cycles if they have cycles; and how we can best support them.

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